Career opportunities

Acoustics is a multidisciplinary field at the borders between Mechanics, Signal Processing, Cognitive Sciences and Biology.

Typical jobs for the graduates of this curriculum are R&D engineer-positions in companies or research centers and PhDs in Acoustics.

The main fields of application are the transportation industry (ground, air and maritime transportation), energy production and transformation, urbanism and architecture, communication, and imaging in geosciences, structural monitoring and biology.

Offers of PhD thesis in 2017:

The most recent offers are shown first:

  • KU Leuven (Belgium):  2 open PhD positions in building acoustics, funded by the European Commission (Vacancy-KUL-BAP-2018-7 – posted in January 2017).
  • ISAE Supaero (Toulouse) : “Aeroacoustic study of twin supersonic jets using compressible Large Eddy Simulation” (proposal_PhD_ISAE-SUPAERO_TWIST – posted in January 2017)

Last year PhD and job offers available here